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Nature. Something mankind appreciates less and less. Every day we witness various aspects of the destruction of nature.
The sea is polluted. Glaciers are melting. Air pollution has never been higher. Forests are on fire, animals are endangered.
We make our own biggest enemies.

But still, man is a conscientious human being by nature. It’s not all bad news.

Humankind is starting to wake up, it’s starting to realize that,  besides our health, nature represents our biggest wealth.
We’re turning towards recycling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we’re planting trees, and using air polluters much less.
We’re starting to recover what is neglected, forgotten. We’re slowly starting to realize that the biggest luxury
is to protect the nature inside us and around us.

We are a conscientious group of people that is aware that the only salvation of humankind lies in the protection of nature.
Hemosan, our parent company, has been recycling and working for planet Earth for 25 years now. Nikkias is the result of our work and effort.

We represent you Sea Collection of sunglasses (eyeglasses) made from the recycled plastic from the sea.

By recycling metal and wooden products we developed Eco Collection.

As a brand that is loved and wanted by celebrities we present to you Celebrity Eco Collection.