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Terms and conditions

General terms of use of Nikkias.shop webshop

By visiting or purchasing at the nikkias.shop web shop („NIKKIAS“) You agree to the Terms of use specified in the further text. We ask that You carefully read and understand the rules that we apply.

Leaf Line d.o.o. created the web shop nikkias.shop in good intention and with the purpose to enable You and all users with the ability to easily purchase and recieve handmade sunglasses made of different types of wood ( in further text „Product“) in the way specified at nikkias.shop.

Every change or addition to the Terms of use will be displayed at the first next use of the service and you are obliged to read them regularly. By continued use of the nikkias.shop website or any part of the site you are considered to be fully aware of the current Terms of use, and that you understand them completely.

By accepting these terms you are confirming that you are aware that the nikkias.shop web shop ( its complete programming code and design solutions, visual and audio materials, text and databases) is the exclusive ownership of Leaf Line d.o.o., Identification number: 03636038 („LeafLine“), as well as agreeing to use the content of the website for personal use and under your own responsibility.

By accessing or using the services of our  web shop you are agreeing that you are bound by these Terms, whether you are a „Visitor“ ( which means that you can simply look at the main page of the online web shop regardless if you are accesing the site via mobile phone or other device, or using the site in other ways without registering on the site) or a „Member“ ( which means that you are a registered user at our website). The term „User“ reffers to both Visitors and Members. You are authorised to use the nikkias.shop web shop ( regeardless if you access or use the site intentionaly or not) only if you agree to abide by the current laws, rules, orders and these Terms.

If you do not agree with these Terms of use or any other order which governs the way of using our web shop, we ask that you leave the website immediately. If you , regardless of this warning, continue to use our internet web shop, niether Leaf Line nor any other subject associated with Leaf Line is in no way liable for any type of damage which you may incurr by using the site.

Electronic communication

With every visit to the nikkias.shop  web shop or in the case when you send us an e-mail you are communicating with us electronically. By agreeing to the terms of use you are agreeing to the ascertainment that you are communicating with us electronically. Our communication with you will be conducted via e-mail or via notices which we will publish on this website.

Privacy policy statement

In name of nikkias.shop web shop we oblige that we will protect the privacy of all our customers. We gather only the necessary, basic data about the buyers/users and the data needed for conducting business and informing the users in accordance with good business practices and with the goal of providing a quality service. All data about buyers/users are strictly protected and are accessible only by employees who need them for conducting business. All NIKKIAS employees are responsible for obiding by the rules of privacy protection.

Leaf Line d.o.o. claims copyright on all the content  of the web shop nikkias.shop ( textual, visual and audio materials, databases and programming code). Unauthorised use of any part of the website is considered copyright infringement and is subject to lawsuit.

If you consider that Leaf Line has infringend on your copyright, the case will be considered immediately, and the disputable content will be removed immediately after we assertain the validity and the truthfullness of the complaint.

Your account

If you are using our internet web shop you are responsible for the maintenance and the confedentiality of your account and passwords which you recieve upon registering on the site. By using the web shop you are liable for all activities concerning your account and your password. Minors can use the website only under parent or guardian supervision. Leaf Line retains the right to decline service, delete an account or cancel an order if it is discovered that the Terms of use have been breached. Leaf Line will use the data which you supplied upon registering at the webiste, only for purposes of product sale and establishing business contact with you, and will not use it for any other purposes or deliver it to a third party.

Product descriptions and photos

The products shown on the nikkias.shop web shop are described as acurately as possible. The photos are of an illustrative nature. Leaf Line guarantees the visual similarity of the ordered and delivered product and will aspire to have the described and delivered product match. However. Leaf Line can not be held responsible if these products differ slightly or in a larger scale without Leaf Line`s responsiblity. If, after your request, it is established that the product which you have bought differs from the description given on the website, you may return it in an unused state, and we will refund your money.

Product prices

All product prices given on the website are VAT included. Leaf Line obliges to accept any price at which you have made the order regardles if the price of the product changes after the creation of the order. Leaf Line retains the right to cancel an order with sending a notice e-mail to the User in case there has been a serious error in pricing on the website, for example: instead of 100€, the stated price is 10€ or in similar cases.

Working hours

The nikkias.shop web shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In case of technical issues or during regular site maintenance, the site can be unavailable about which all Users will be informed.

Changing ( updating) site content

Leaf Line retains the right to change the data on any page of the webiste at any time and without previous notice. The Users of the nikkias.shop web shop do not have the right to unilaterally change the Terms of use.


Partial or complete unlawfullness or inapplicability of a certain order ot these Terms of use will not affect the validity of the other orders which remain in effect. The inapplicable or unlawfull order will be replaced by another corresponding order. You agree that you can not transfer your rights or obligations derived from these Terms of use onto a third person without the written consent of Leaf Line.

Terms of buying on the nikkias.shop web shop

Nikkias.shop is an internet web shop which conducts its business in accordance to current laws of Montenegro. The detailed terms of buying are stated in the further text. Please acquaint yourself with them before purchasing:

Ordering and payment

In order to order a product from the NIKKIAS lineup you need to follow these steps:

  • Registration
  • Finding the product which you want to buy, and optionally leaving a message which will go alongside the product
  • Entering buyer and delivery information
  • Payment
  • Choosing delivery method


You only need to register once. With each following visit to our site the system will ask you to log in into your account, so that you will be able to purchase the product of your choosing. The Registration is done by clicking on the option „Registration“.  You need to fill in your e-mail address and your desired password, after which you will recieve an automatic e-mail message containing the confirmation that you have been successfully registered. If you forget your password, click on the link „Forgotten Password“ which will redirect you automatically to a location wher you can enter your e-mail address after which you will be able to create a new password.

If you want, you can log out out if the site at any moment by choosing the option „Logout“. You can later log into the website by choosing the option „Log in“ and filling in your e-mail address and password.

Remark: As is usual with all internet sites with registration options, your internet browser needs to allow the use of „cookies“. „Cookies“ are usually turned on on most internet browsers.

Finding the product you whish to purchase

The products are aranged in a way that it is easy for you to survey them. When you find the product that you whish to purchase click on the button „Buy“.  With this you have put the product in your shopping cart ( the same as in a regular shop).

Entering the buyer and delivery information

In this step you need to enter the buyer information and the address at which you want the package to be delivered. The delivery information is the information about where you want the package to be delivered. We plead that you enter the information as precisely as possible in order for the couriers to easily find the person the package is intended for. In the case of incorrectly entered data a slower delivery or package return can occur.


Card payments are realized in cooperation with Monri WSPay and Hipotekarna banka AD, and are carried out in a safe and certified way through Monri’s Paymet Gateway, by simply entering data from the payment card. No other payment method is possible. If you have one of the above mentioned credit cards you are able to purchase at the nikkias.shop web shop. After you confirm that the chosen product is the one that you want to purchase, you will be redirected to the payment processing service. At this service you enter the information from the card that you are paying with after which you pay. If the transaction is successfull you will be informed that the payment has been completed successfully. In the case that the payment is unsuccessfull, you will receive information that the payment was unsuccessfull and you will be able to repeat the process.

For security reasons, the information about your credit card are only visible to the credit card processor. The processors site is secured and is safe for this type of payment. Leaf Line, its employees or any subject connected with Leaf Line does not have access to your confidential data ( as in credit card nubmer and pin code).

Delivery method

NIKKIAS delivers its products via postal service. For omissions caused by the postal service and any complaints about the diligence of the postal service and product delivery Users will contact Leaf Line. Leaf Line is going to handle the delivery problem at the given moment in the best possible way. Delivery of the products from your order is done after your payment has been cleared. Shipping costs are payed for.


In case you have any type of reclamation on our product or our service feel free to contact us. We are willing and able to handle and resolve any given situation. Money refund : Leaf Line will conduct a money refund directly in the same way it received the payment, according to the Terms and deadlines for money refunds as defined by Buyer protection laws ( Zakonom o zaštiti potrošača), Compulsory relations law ( Zakon o obaveznim odnosima) and other current legal acts of Montenegro.


By accepting these Terms you agree that you can be forbidden to use your account if you breach General terms of use of the nikkias.shop web shop.

In case that you are abusing someones personal data or are using it illegaly you agree that Leaf Line retains the right of deleting this data as fast as possible.

By using the services of nikkias.shop web shop and by registering for membership, you undoubtedly proclaim and guarantee that:

  • You are the owner, and have the right of publishing any and all photographs, video, audio or any other material that you post on any part of our web shop;
  • Each information that you deliver or post, either during the registration process or during the use of our web shop is true
  • You will try to keep the correctness of the information in accordance with your reasonable abilities
  • You will, in case that certain information which you pubilshed cease to be truthfull, immediately advise the administrators of these changes.

As a user only You are responsible for any interaction with other users of the nikkias.shop web shop. Leaf Line retains the right, but does not have the obligation, to interfere in any way in any disputes which you may have with other users.

Leaf Line is not responsible for the truthfullness of the information published by any type of user on their profile.

Resolving disputes

In case of any legal dispute deriving from the use of the nikkias.shop web shop you agree that a solution should primarely be found by an agreement between You and Leaf Line or by mutual remission. When an agreement can not be reached in this way, you accept the jurisdiction of the Primary Court in Podgorica (Osnovni sud u Podgorici).

Susceptibility to changes

These Terms of use are susceptable to changes and all users who continue to use this site automatically accept and agree to abide by the newest version of the Terms which are going to be showed to them upon their next entry to the service.