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Sunglasses buying guide

When buying sunglasses it is very important to take into account the shape of your face. It is the face shape which is the main factor in defining your final choice and which will guide you to a correct purchase. Taking into account the shape of your face, you should also consider that the frame of the sunglasses you are buying accentuates your best features, that it`s size is in proportion with the size of your face ( not too big and not too small), and that you choose a shape which is in contrast with the contures of your face.

If you are searching for your ideal sunglasses, be sure to consider the shape of your face, and following the guidelines given in the further text, choose the correct shape for you.

1. Oval shape:

The most common shape. This shape is considered to be the ideal face shape and it is because of this that most frames fit it. Namely, if you have an oval face shape you can wear sunglasses of different styles ( cat-eye, rectangle, with thicker or thinner frames) where the color of the frame is determined by your other features ( hair or eye color, complexion). However, if you find yourself in a situation where you are indecisive, choose a frame that is as wide as the widest part of your face and avoid those that are too narrow and visually constrict your face.

2. Square shape:

This shape is defined by an accentuated lower part, especially the jaw, and it is because of this that round glasses with a thicker frame best suite this face shape. Also, a wide forehead and an almost equal length and width of the face are the main characteristics of this face shape. Therefore it is necessary to visualy elongate the face. For this face shape to appear as long as possible, try sunglasses with narrow frames of oval or round shape which will balance-out the contures of your face. If your face shape is such that your lower part is more prominent than the upper part, you should try sunglasses which have a thicker upper part of the frame.

3. Round shape:

Similarly to the square shape, the round shape is characterised by an equal length and width of the face, the difference being that this shape has rounded contures. If this is your face shape then you should avoid rounded frames and choose rectangular ones. To elongate your face you should also choose thinner frames or frames with an accentuated bridge in order visually widen the part around your eyes. Sunglasses with rectangular or square frames will create the visual illusion of elongation.

4. Heart shape:

Is in many ways similar to the oval shape because it is one of the most gratifying face shapes and provides a lot of opportunities when choosing sunglasses shapes. This face shape is characterised by an accentuated and widened shape in the upper third and a more narrow shape in the lower third. To create a balance between these two different parts, definitely try frames that are somewhat wider in the lower part in order to visually widen the lower part of the face. Also, a balance effect can be achieved by using sunglasses with frames in lighter colors.

5. Diamond shape:

Is characterized by a narrow part around the eyes and lips but with accentuated cheeks and cheekbones. This is a very rare face shape, so sunglasses with an accented and thicker upper part are recommended to people with this shape in order to ostensibly reduce the cheeks and accentuate the eyes. Also, cat-eye style sunglasses are recommended to people with this face shape because they best create a balance between the natural disproportions of this face shape.

6. Elongated shape:

This shape is a very narrow face shape where we have an equal width of the forehead and the jaw, whereas the cheekbones are very prominent. People with this face shape look best with frames of a rounded shape because they additionally widen the face. Also, it is very important to choose frames where the upper and lower edges are of equal thickness and shape. By doing so we achieve the effect of shortening the face. It is also important to choose frames with a lower bridge because this visually shortens the nose. If you wish to play around with patterns, be free to choose frames with interesting and impressive patterns to add depth to your face.